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Freedom Mortgage purchased my loan 6 months ago and it has been a nightmare since. I have owned houses and had mortgages for 25+ years and have never, ever been late with a payment. That is because I set up my payments with my bank's bill pay service. (US Bank) Twice in 6 months Freedom Mortgage has sent me notices of late payment fees charged due to late receipt of my monthly payment.

Both times I went back to my bill payment records on the US Bank website and it is clear that the payment was launched with plenty of time (4 -6 days) before the scheduled payment date which was 2 and 5 days before the late payment date, respectively. Clearly the issue is with Freedom Mortgage's internal processes or they are intentionally applying the payments late. In either case, these are unacceptable business practices that are incompetent at best or fraudulent at worst.

I truly regret having to do business with this company. I am sure I have not seen the end of these problems, but one can hope.

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Manteca, California, United States #968468

We are having the SAME exact problem! This company is a joke.

Has it gotten any better since your post?

We have been dealing with this for two months and they STILL have not successfully pulled out at payment THROUGH OUR BANK which we use to pay every other bill. We are thinking of going through the pain in the butt process of refiing just to get away from this pos company.

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