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We did a refinance with Freedom Mortgage a little over a year ago and it's been a nightmare ever since. They made the deal sound sweet by offering a very low interest rate, nothing out of pocket, no hidden charges or fees attached to the loan, 1 month with no house payment and the balance of our old escrow in a check after closing.

We've done refinancing several times in the past and never had a problem. Every since we closed, they keep hitting us with escrow shortages. First was a couple of months after the refi for $500, a couple of months later for another $500, then another couple hundred and now $1,300. The customer service representatives are trained to turn the situation around on you and make is seem like you are the problem or that you are ignorant and don't understand how estimated escrow is calculated.

We've owned several homes and investment properties over the past 17 years and have never had problems like this before. Escalating to management is a joke! This is NOT a good company.

Don't get your home loan from Freedom Mortgage unless you want to share in the misery.

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I too, am experiencing the same issue. Every month there is a different number that I owe on my payment stub.

It's ridiculous!!!!!

When I spoke with customer service and asked how I'm supposed to pay the 'new' amount if I can't afford it (which is why I refinanced in the first place!) the rep said, "pray!" Really???? They keep attributing it to the shortage in the escrow account, but first, they agreed to a 36 month shortage spread, and second, not only have my property taxes not increased, they've decreased, so where are these random numbers coming from?????

Parker, Colorado, United States #833861

I'm now having the same issue!

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