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So, after reading these complaints I feel so foolish for even trying to refinance with Freedom Mortgage. I should have done my research before hand.

I am currently with Freedom Mortgage, so I thought it would be easier to do a refinance with them. "A quick 30 day, 3 doc stream-line close, Everything would stay the same except the rate would lower our payments."

Well in our situation, My mother is on the loan as a co-signer and my husband is on the Title/Deed... we currently have an FHA loan that allows that legally. This was an issue at first, but i told the loan officer that if it was not done that way I would not close refi with them. He checked and sent me an email saying all was good about this request.. "They can accommodate this request" (Lie #1).

I believed him and we proceeded. 30 days in, I called and called the loan officer and processor and finally found out my loan was transferred to another department and I had a new processor(no one let me know for weeks- and I had to call to find out).

I was quoted around $1200(Lie#2) closing because they were going to pay the closing cost and I would cover FHA fees. When the closing department called they said it would be $2000. I said no way there's a mistake... it got sent back to the loan officer and she said there was a shortage in my escrow but I was going to pay $1500(Lie#3) at closing. Closing calls and now they say it $2900!

I call the processor (you have to be clever to get a hold of them... call from a different phone, get the operator to transfer you to a new person, who then transfers you to them.. on and on it was like this. they like to avoid you)

But I get a hold of her and repeat the $ amount she quoted me.. she starts saying "no. I didn't say that."(Lie#4) She ends up recalculating things and says she can close me at $1633. We must do it by the end of Aug.

We start signing on the 29th and notice they gave us wrong paperwork. They changed the deed and listed my mom as a primary resident. So I called the closing department and try to get some answers before the 31st so we can close on time.

What i get is a complete ***!!! A FM supervisor.. completely unhelpful who says he will call me back by the end of the day(Lie#5) but never does.. so Aug is lost.

I call other people that were at least a little more understanding and tried to figure something else out for me. One guy gave me some helpful tips on how to handle the Deed but was unsure of the Primary Resident form. Then, that *** Supervisor called me back and yells at me, throwing an attitude because i talked to someone else instead of him (insisted I give him that persons name)and even threatened to not close my refi at all... I asked to speak to His supervisor(who ended up being the Vice President, Nancy).

I made my complaint about him and then asked about my file and why all these mistakes were happening. She told me that my mother would have to be on the deed with us because she is on the loan.. even though FHA allows her to be separate, Freedom Mortgage does not allow it. And then she told me she would find out about the Primary Occupancy form.

The title company said we were going to have to refinance and sent my cashier's check from closing back to me. I call the VP of FM back and she tells me that it's just a resign not refinanceand that everything stays the same as it did when we closed(Lie#6) .. I even asked about the $1633, and she said yes(Lie#7).

Later, I get a call from the closing and they quote me $2524... I question about why the VP, Nancy, would tell me different and what we needed to do with the Primary Occupancy form. Nancy calls me back on her cell phone and leaves me a message saying that she never said it would be $1633(Lie#8) and that as a co borrower my mom would have to sign the Primary Occupancy form if we want the refinance to go through.

I called her back and told her that my mom did not live at our house with us...Everyone who I have spoken to knows and was told that my mom has her own house, that she is just co signing.

We felt uncomfortable that we were being told that we have to lie to the Federal Government by signing a form that states her as the Primary Resident, and that we absolutley won't do it.

She immediately responds..I didn't say that.(Lie#9) I told her "yes you did... You left it on my Voicemail." I told her that I am just trying to get a direct answer here.

She ends up telling me that Freedom Mortgage does not see co signers/borrowers different than Borrowers. I then said to make it clear... you are telling me that Freedom Mortgage doesn't accept co signing/borrowers... Everyone must be a Primary Borrower. She said "Yes"

So, I have spent from June to September with everyone telling me that I CAN have a cosigner and now I am being told by the VP of Freedom Mortgage that it was Never a possibility.(I have emails, voice recorded conversations/messages) But they don't care... They intended on changing my complete situation, even by having us lie to the Federal Government.. just so they can make some money.

What a waste of my time!

This should be illegal, what they have done to us.. we've been under so much stress over this, we have late fees from them telling us not to pay the mortgage yet because it would effect the close.

Don't Trust them!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Freedom Mortgage Refinance.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

I didn't like: Being lied to, Entire process, Wasted time and money, Lamont purnell, Lie after lie after lie.

Company wrote 0 public responses to the review from Sep 08, 2015.
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Call me I can get you help you are looking for. I am sorry you went through so much.

Do not erase any of those messages they may come in handy.

I am getting ready to sue my mortgage company I cannot go into details on line call me I wi tell you what I am doing see if it helps


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