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Every single interaction that i’ve had with this company since my original mortgage company sold me over to them when we purchase our house in 2017 have been a struggle! We always gets conflicting information and no one owns up to their mistake and misinformation.

Payment in incorrectly processed , proving account information from someone else’s that does not pertain to us and just yesterday advising us to make payments by money order while we awaiting a decision on our loan modification amount. i was told to keep making payments until a decision is made which i did. I paid $1900. My original mortgage payment was $27631, they gave me a loan modification of $2400!

Alright not much but still something. II called yesterday to make my payment and use my unapplied funds as I was told and the agent agreed. I didn’t fax my acceptance letter for the new amount so i told the agent can i do it and call right back. He said yes.

he told me that i needed to pay $670 difference, i agreed. I called right back call to pay $670 as instructed by the agent i spoke with only to be told that it’s possible. The agent tells me that because my payments came after my loan modification i can only used 1 payment not both before only 950 could be used to pay my 1st month of loan modification trial! I asked to speak to a supervisor to see what had changed in 30 min and i’m being told although we can heard on all the prévois recording that I was misinformed there is nothing they can do.

i need to come up with $1450 to pay my new mortgage payment amount otherwise the deal is off! what kind of business os that! i m not asking fr any handout that was my hard earn money..

so basically i would be better off keeping my old rate to get to use my unapplied funds! this is a serious gimmick to ruin people and take their house off their feet!

Product or Service Mentioned: Freedom Mortgage Loan Modification.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: let me use my payments that I've made $1800 towards my balance!.

Freedom Mortgage Pros: Idea of what they could do to help my situation, That i will be done with them soon.

Freedom Mortgage Cons: Way i was treated, Customer service rep.

Location: 623 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10020

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