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. I have had some financial difficulties last year that caused me to get behind on my mortgage.

I filled for loss mitigation in October of 2016. And every month since the mortgage company Freedom mortgage has continued to ask for more and more information. Including letters that they said weren't signed but were. Last month I was even told to send the whole packet in again because the original packet had expired.

So I did and sent it certified mail. On May 8th I received a letter from them saying after 7 months of going back and forth my claim was denied. " contributor to sign all docs." When I called I was told they weren't signed by your co-borrower. I don't have a co-borrower so who am I suppose to get to sign this paper.

I feel that the mortgage company has drug me for so long to ensure foreclosure was inevitable. I feel they never had any intention of helping me. I've had to claim financial hard ship in the 2011 and it only took a month. Since this mortgage company has taken over my loan it has been a disaster.

I believe that if they drug me out for 7 months now almost 8. They're doing it to others. Need help investigating. My financial loss last year was 85,000 different then the year before.

Doesn't seem like that would take 7 months to figure out.

I have also attempted several times to speak directly with loss mitigations or a boss. Without any success

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I started my refinance with freedom mortgage in nov 2020. It is now June 2021 and it is still not done.

They told me I had to pay more money for an extension and I was like what it is not my fault you guys are dragging your heels.

after that they started calling me all day but after looking at the reviews I am afraid to do it now. In my opinion a refinance shouldn’t take over a month for sure and it has been 8 months makes no sense.


I have been trying to close on our house since January 2020 and it is now August 2020 and still nothing, we had scheduled closing appointments 3 times and all three times they canceled the closing. Every time we call they always state that we will get a phone call back and never do.

Emails are never being replied to either, I would never ever recommend Freedom Mortgage to family and friends as they have poor bad customer service. I call just about every other day for an update and no one seems to be able to get me an answer.


We were ready to pay off our home with FM. After realizing that our VA loan was part of a mortgage fraud scam with Nicholas Estilow, I felt we needed to end it.

I set a date and included last payment. We closed January 3rd. FM then turned us in to bureaus for missing January payment. How?

These people all of them are horrible. If you can avoid please do!!!


OMG I have gone through every single one of these issues with FM! For 4 years!

Sent in loss mit paperwork at LEAST 10 + times.. thru email AND USPS. Same issues, they would request something that wasn't even on the list of information needed, they'd claim something was missing in my packet that I knew was sent to them previously, they denied my loan modification at one point because all they had were 30 pages of my 2 surgery records from the doctor.. with the doctors notes during my surgery, but because there was not a doctor''s "note" they denied the mod.

(I contacted the doctor to request something be sent to FM to appease them, but because it was dragged out so long {almost 2 years} they wouldn't do it) The reason I didn't have on to begin with was the fact that I was self employed during that time and didn't need one! Is signed, dated, detailed surgery information on 2 surgeries within 6 months not sufficient?? Then, same thing with tax return info, it wasn't signed because of filing electronically... I signed it, on their request and sent it in to them...again...

3 times..```` It was always something, and something different every time. FINALLY after back and forth (2 + years) My loan modification was "approved" BUT... during my 3 payments to "prove myself" (before they will process the loan modification,) they sold my house at auction! I had to go to court and get a judge to reverse the sale.

The only way I found out it was sold, was a man knocking on my door the day after the sale and saying " Umm yes, I just purchased this house at the auction yesterday, and needed to see if it was occupied" I called FM as soon as this happened and the person I spoke with had no record of this information! Swore to me they cancelled the sale, and if it was sold, it must be by someone else or for taxes!?! I told her that unless THEY didn't pay the taxes they showed were deducted from escrow, etc there wasnt anyone else that could sell the home. Because the home was sold, my home owners insurance company cancelled the policy I had on the home.

When they cancelled, FM placed THEIR insurance on my home for twice the amount for less coverage, causing an escrow shortage, now mind you, this was after they approved the loan mod, sent the paperwork for me to sign and return.. and I had made 4 payments (EARLY,) I get a new home owner's policy, send the info to FM, they PAY the premium, TWICE within 1 month, causing MORE of a shortage, then I get loss mit paperwork in the mail with a letter and info on how to avoid foreclosure... soooo, here we go again!! After an email to the president of FM I got an email from someone claiming to be head of customer service saying he would be handling things from then on, I send him my info and nothing...

someone ELSE calls me. Has none of my current information etc.. It is a huge circle of confusion! I get paperwork every day from them, calls every other day for "missed payments", fees and unexplained charges added to my account almost daily..

I don't know what to do to be honest. This is my home, it is all I have, and get this..

It is falling apart around me as it should never have been approved by the inspection to sell! Please, If anyone has info on a lawyer or a suit in Florida, PLEASE let me know how to contact them as I honestly can not handle doing this again!!


I have the same issues and the same thing with the loss mitigation packets they send me. They tell me the same that the previous one has expired and want more of the same information.

I have been dragged out almost a year and with them telling me the same thing over and being denied numerous times I have turned to legal help.

The law firm I am currently getting assistance from is Open Sky legal. They do help with anything and everything and they are a 4.9 star rating service.


Same here


Lisa Marie, I have been in the same situation. After months of filing the "Loss Mitigation" and refiling because I supposedly didn't have all the proper paperwork, I blasted them with more paperwork then they knew what to do with!

I received the "Facially Complete" letter also. I was SO relieved. Now keep in mind that I have still been paying on my "debt" and trying to catch up. The other day I received their denial for any assistance.

The only thing they "approved" me for was a "Pre-Foreclosure" sale. I just sent the appeal so we'll see how it goes.These people are a joke! They don't want to help anyone. I have combed the internet and have seen absolutely NO success stories with these people.

It's like they want you to fail. I went from being 4 full months behind to 2 full months since they started harassing me about their "Intent to Foreclose". I have shown that I am trying and am capable of catching up but they don't care. Jokes on them though, because I nor them will get anywhere near what I owe if the house is sold!

Unfortunately I purchased a lemon off a hacker.

So my home has so many problems now. Please let me know how you make out and Good Luck!

@Dawn S Eqb

Same thing here!! The "inspector" that did the presale inspection was a friend of the couple that sold me the home.

All the windows were nailed shut, with 4" nails! There is 2 different kinds of plumbing etc... the home was built in 1923.

Unfortunately we learn these things AFTER we experience them when it is your first time!! Let me know how it's going!


I am having a very similar experience! Last year I was diagnosed with cervical cancer.

I had to have a few different procedures done then eventually an entire hysterectomy. I was off work for 3 months. Ever since then I have fallen behind by one mortgage payment. I have been back and forth with them over this situation and they have been very unhelpful.

They say they will send me a loss mitigation package that never comes, they want to set me up on a payment plan to catch up but *** the payment plan has me paying back an additional $500 a payment that I simply just do not have to spare for the next 4 months. Finally I got a loss mitigation packet in the mail and have filled it out. 3 weeks go by and I do not hear anything back from them, so I call them. They then inform me that I need more documentation?

But what they are asking for I already sent in? So they gave me an email to send it all in on. I sent in the exact same things and a week goes by without hearing anything AGAIN. So I call again.

I am then informed that they need additional documentation plus a signed and dated tax return. I do not have a signed and dated tax return because I filed electronically. The agent tells me I have to call the tax prep place to figure it out. After calling H and R Block they tell me exactly what I already knew, that it will not have signatures on it because it was filed electronically.

The date is clearly stated on it all. So now they are acting like I cannot complete my package because of this? I really believe you are right. They do not want to help anyone.

I have had nothing but trouble with them from the moment I switched to them. I wish I would've done my research before deciding to go with this company.


Hello, I am currently going through the same with Freedom. After 12 years I had a hardship, filed for Remod, my remod was $700 higher than they agreed too per month.

Since I was behind with equity I listed for sale and went under contract within 7 days of listing. To avoid other debts and be able to start over I did file Chapter 7 retaining the property as you can use the homestead as an exemption. Discharge went through, my contract to sell was taken to Clerk of Courts to enforce Freedom to sell, however every time I call them they claim I filed on the property and they aren't allowed to speak to me. They never took the time to actually read my Chpt.

7 filing and have ignored the Order to sell. I don't even know how I ended up with Freedom I always made my payments to NY Bank which is also who my mortgage contract is with, however, Freedom's attorney has MY signature on their application with Freedom's name on it, not NY Banks. Meanwhile, nothing ever gets resolved and every person you speak to has a different issue with something and no idea what they talking about.

I am getting to the point that if they continue to create additional financial damages to my equity they are going to get sued for negligence and damages. I feel like I am not the only person this is happening too.


Hi, it is disappointing to hear your experience was unsatisfactory. I really do want to help.

Would you please send me additional details about what occurred, so I may investigate the issue? Please include your loan number and property address in the email.

My email address is LetUsHelp@freedommortgage.com. Thank you.


I sent you mine, please review.


I am in the same boat as you. I took the same measures and I was denied twice.

I have hired a legal team by the name of open sky legal and are currently working on my case.

This mortgage company is the devil and their intentions are to force you to file for bankruptcy. I should have just called quicken loans.


The company is doing the same thing to me. I even have email proof that I sent all the information.

They also refuse to take any new payments. Something is shady.


Same here


Should I just file ch13 instead of messing with them I can catch it up just had a bump in life but im good now how much to file ch13

@Shaquetta Hqd

It’s like 1,800 to file. Most lawyers offer free consultation and payment plans


Same thing with us. we would sign paperwork and submit them and they would never have them, or there was something else to do.

Once we completed that and submitted, they claim to never receive it. That went in from March or April 2018, until October/November of 2018.

They’re terrible! You can never get anything resolved in a single phone call!


Please someone tell me the way to best handle this. I had been going round with Freedom mortgage also.

We had gotten behind on our payments. I called on February 4 , I asked if I could wait until next week to make a payment as I had just made a payment on the January 31 . We were hoping to push out until Feb 15. The woman I spoke to said no problem, you are only 90days past .

I called back the following week to provide documents for mitigation . We had been working on the mitigation process since October of the previous year with a complete run around. I am sure your familiar with the typical cant open a document or didn't receive it or cant read. Needless to say When I called back on February 12 to send over document nothing had been spoke about.

On February 14 , I called to make our mortgage payment and I was told they have put our account in Foreclosure. Now I have been trying to make payments and rectify . They wont take payments. I was told today February 27 we are denied mitigation and they are moving forward on foreclosure.

On the 20th I requested reenstatement paper work to pay off past balance . They wont let us and they claim they don't have those numbers together. They say a supervisor or manager will call you that doesn't happen .

Please does anyone have a possitive side too all of this !! !

@Halden Fnc

I’m so sorry! This is the exact thing that happened to me.

One of their reps privately told me about HomeSafe program in Georgia though that provide financial assistance for mortgages. I’m Not sure what state you’re in but check around and I’m sure there’s a program near to help!

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