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I am frustrated but hoping that my issue can be resolved. We have never missed a payment until last month.

We've worked really hard to build our credit score but now, what I consider toast. I am a disabled vet and have worked hard on my credit score. I was wondering if Freedom Mortgage would be lenient and forgive my oversight. We've always made our payments online.

Making our payment on the weekend, we didn't understand that the receive date and processing date are the same. We assumed that as long as the payment is receive by the end of the month then we would be fine. It was explained that the receipt date and processing date are the same. You can make your payment at the end of the month but will be counted as late because the system doesn't record the receipt date but the day the payment is processed.

If you make your payment on the weekend and the 1st of the new month falls on a Monday, then you will be counted as missing a payment.

That's what happened to us and therefore we are asking Freedom Mortgage for leniency and to remove the late payment from your system and the credit agencies. Thank You.

Product or Service Mentioned: Freedom Mortgage Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Hi, I really do want to help. Would you please send me additional details about what occurred, so I may investigate the issue?

Please include your loan number and property address in the email.

My email address is Thank you.


RIGHT!!! Like you care.

The dates are not the same.

You know it and yet you make people think they’re late. If bad things are happening in your life, consider your employment first.

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