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I have been dinged for a late payment twice now in one year due to online system failures at Freedom Mortgage. The first time it happened I thought I was losing my mind.

I knew I had gone online and made the payment but somehow they convinced me that maybe I didnt fully pres submit or something. They investigated and communcated to me that i accidently left ONE # on my acct # off so it didnt go througH. i HAVE never never never left a number off my acct number paying a bill. So when it happened again this month I gave the same pleading explanation to the customer service representative explaining to her that I logged on as I do every other month and made the payment.

She asked for my e mail confirmation and when I searched I didn't have it. i was in the process of buying a second house and the 30 days late totally derailed our plans - with no fault of our own. I tried my best to explain the to the representatives and even got transferred to supervisor who said "we have no control what gets reported to the credit agencies its automatic" something I know for a fact is untrue. ThisMore recently when it happened again and I again called the representative telling her I paid it online days before the 30 day mark.

The representative actually told me take a picture when i pay it so I can have proof. Scary that this is the company holding my most important and expensive loan. hate to be speculative but this company seems like the intentionally is to 1 - force their customers to use a system of payment absent human interaction by charging for other payment options. placing fees on all other more secure options.

and 2) creating a glitch in the system so when you pay online something doesn't go through - fees are incurred and a 30 day late is added to the customers credit and next is forclosure... luckily this last time the system didn't take my on time payment unbeknownst to me, I was able to at least back track my history on my lap top and prove that I paid the mortgage - days before the 30 day mark.

Product or Service Mentioned: Freedom Mortgage Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $600000.

Preferred solution: remove late payments from my record - they are not my fault and not even true...

Freedom Mortgage Pros: Should be investigated.

Freedom Mortgage Cons: Being penalized for a mistake that was made by freedom mortgage.

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Paul D

Sound about right. I signed up for auto-pay, and somehow the first digit of my bank account got dropped. They sent me a letter to let me know the payment failed, but not until too late to make it.


I’m so sorry they did this to you too. The lies are constant.

A missed number? What a crock! We missed 4 payments in a year. This, according to them.

Guess what Freedom Mortgage? We got our new home. I’m just waiting on you to get yours. I tried to contact the agent, Nick Estilow, about issues with FM.

Unfortunately, Mr.

Estilow is serving time (a lot of time), for MORTGAGE FRAUD. FM has not done anything to me or any other mortgage holder, that will not come back to them 10 fold!!!


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