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My morgage was picked up by Freedom in April.My old morgage company had failed to forward a payment. I discovered the problem in September. I would have watched closer but I was recovering from a stroke at the time. After figuring out the problem I paid to get caught up. However after all the haggling to get caught up I receive a phone call stating I had made a partial payment. Being a bit confused I asked why a partial payment. The operator...
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Company can't keep up with payment records. I received a notice stating my missing payment was under review. Ive done most of the research and investigating. They just keep asking for more of the same documents. I served 24 for my country and they use the name Freedom Mortgage thats laughable. Fyi they still haven't found my payment for 1300.00 but they reported me delinquent to the Credit Agencies. .
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My VA loan was sold to numerous banks every month it got pretty annoying seeing I pay only online and has to register on a new site every month for a new bank Finally landed on freedom mortgage who has kept it for about a year. 2 weeks into having them they call me about how I been an awesome long time customer who always pays in time (I haven't even paid the the first bill yet being with them 2 weeks) the offer me this IIR veteran refinance...
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File any and everything you are sent by them in the garbage. They only want every cent they can get and care nothing about anything else! My original VA Mortgage was through Bank of America,was then sold to GMAC and then ended up here,what a joke! I am writing my congressman and sending all documentation to hopefully shed some light on the unethical practices used by these predators.I do have a choice and I am taking back my Freedom and my...
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We have a VA loan with Freedom Mortgage that was setup on auto pay. For some strange reason Freedom Mortgage set us a letter stating that the auto payment had been stopped, and we needed to reapply if we wanted the auto payment to continue. Gotcha! We were on vacation at the time Freedom Mortgage sent the notice. Freedom Mortgage then reported our VA loan information to the credit bureau for being late on a payment. Seems like poor customer...
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Freedom Mortgage Va Loan Review
During all that time Freedom mortgage forced us to pay flood insurance on an already flooded house. There was no way to even get through to them. Customer service should be called customer torture service... We kept on paying every month, because we really wanted to do everything right. And then, when we finally got the check (which was about $177.000), Freedom mortgage just kept the money, but refused to pay the house off. Let me repeat...
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They claim I missed Jan 2016 payment I have sent them proof of payment my bill payer Co. has sent them copies of check they cashed & they still won,t correct my acct, they have sent late payment information for several months late payment to credit bureau lowering my rateing, told me & my bill payer they would correct everything in 7 days when we talked to them on march 22 ,2016, they have,nt done anything, exept today I got another letter from...
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