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They have been calling me for the past week and they say they have partnered with Ocwen and they can help me lower my monthly payments.I also was told several times, after asking if they were a mortgage company that bought Ocwen and if they are asking me to refinance that I needed to be reminded that the call was being recorded. I told them I did not care if the call was being recorded and that did not scare me and that I would like the person...
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I didn't like
  • Are rude
Freedom Mortgage Loan Refinance Review from Prunedale, California
Currently trying to refinance with Freedom Mortgage and it's taking over 3 months. My husband and I have great credit, make very good money, have twice the necessary equity in our home, have never been late for a single payment and yet they are giving us the hardest time, looking for anything to nit pick at. There is clearly an issue with this company. I wish we had gone with a local bank who could have had this loan done 2 months ago, but...
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Anonymous Just as an fyi, just because you paid the $550 for the appraisal does not mean you cannot switch to a different lender. All they (Freedom) will have to do is transfer the app...

We even had an appointment with a title company to sign the documents, but there was an error on Freedom Mortgages paperwork of course. Barry Mott was the original guy who qualified me and he was OK at his job. Taylor Vautier handled the actual loan process portion, he was the worst. He had to be brand new at his job because he had no clue what he was doing and never responded to emails. Then after complaining, Tara Slocum came in as the new...
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I didn't like
  • Failure to return calls
  • Rude and unhelpful customer service
  • Being lied to
After four and a half months of constant questions, clarifications, and questions surrounding my VA Refinance, I finally had to tell this moronic company to go F... themselves. This has by far been the worst experience ever and I have financed several properties. They are constantly moving your file to various people and not updating the new person..Consequently they ask for the same paperwork again...I first worked with Chris who seemed to be...
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I liked
  • Horrible company
I didn't like
  • Anything that this company is about
  • Poor customer service and website
  • Unorganized
I refinanced my loan with freedom mortgage and they did not put a stop on my bank account took April payment of $700 and I was to skip April payment. And now they are giving me lots of excuse why the money is so slow coming back to me. They deposit into escrow account which I have none. All I want is my money back. Please give my money back. I can not believe you can be that cruel the loan office I dealt with was very good her name is...
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Freedom Mortgage has completely messed up my escrow account. Customer Service is worthless. I have found 2 reps out of the 10 to 15 reps that were helpful. They over paid my mortgage twice and then the refunds go into a black hole. Nobody can talk to the Escrow or Tax departments. Customer Service just read old notes, that are past finished events and irrelevant, to tell you the status of your refunds. I've dealt with this since Last December....
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