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My wife and I live in Oregon and California. We bought a house in California in 2013 and in May of 2014 Freedom Mortgage bought my VA loan.

We were in Oregon in August when Freedom called to say we were delinquent in our payments. They said they sent us a notice to our California house, but nothing came until August. The previous mortgage holder returned two payments to Freedom and for May and June, and then to us for July and August. We brought the payments current in August as soon as we found out about the change.

So by the time Freedom first contacted us, they had already reported us for late payments. We can prove we made all of our payments but Freedom will not retract their late payment report. My wife's and my credit rating dropped 40 points. Here is insidious part of this whole fiasco.

Win I read the public complaints about Freedom I contacted Wells Fargo who holds two other mortgages for me, to refinance my VA loan and get rid of Freedom.

Wells Fargo said they would be happy to do so, but could not for six months due to the late payment report. In short Freedom Mortgage and their employees are dishonest and unethical, their business practices ignore customer service/satisfaction and they are so cheap that you can't get a real person on phone.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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In 2013 Freedom bought my va loan in California. Only they did tell us for three months so we made the payments to the original mortgage holder and they did nothing also.

So freedom contacted us saying we were delinquent and they tacked on late fees and threatened to a lien. it took months and many complaints to get it settled.

Freedom was the worst mortgage company I have ever dealt with. I can certainly understand the class action law suit.william


If you have proof you can sue them and in some state get double the amount of the payoff amount in question. This is a RESPA violation.

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