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I sent Freedom a check to cover my escrow account for the year. Even though the was deposited, Freedom sent me a notice saying my escrow was short and therefore increased my monthly mortgage payment to offset the "shortage." Three months later, I'm still trying to get the check I sent processed and my monthly mortgage payment brought back down to the normal amount Three months, six phone calls, countless hours, and one email later - still no resolution.

Now my credit is being dinged and I'm being charged fees for the shortage despite my multiple attempts to correct the error - Freedom's error that is. FURIOUS!

Product or Service Mentioned: Freedom Mortgage Home Loan.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Denver, Colorado, United States #1327427

They raised my escrow by $35 a month and didn't notify me. They still cash your monthly check tho but tell you its in a "savings" account and then report you as if you didn't pay anything. My credit dropped 200 points in two months due to their neglect.

Richmond, Virginia, United States #1285377

I know how you are feeling I'm in the some ordeal every year my escrow is short last year it was $100.00 this year it $800.00 my property taxes is the same from last year and my insurance haven't went up so where is my shortage.

They also call me last year wanting me to refinance but I didn't see the point of refinancing to start over with from the begin just to shorten my payment by $50.00.

After I refuse to refinance Freedom Mortgage call me again wanting me to refinance with no refinance fee, my payment will be $150.00 cheater, and I wouldn't have to start over with a 30 year mortgage.

I dislike Towne Mortgage for selling my loan within a month to Freedom Mortgage

I'm on the hunt for a new bank to refinance. They can't keep going up on my escrow I feel like I'm in a adjustable mortgage instead of a fix mortgage. My payment went up $200.00 dollars this month.

What the world is going on: Are Freedom Mortgage trying to build a wall. For the last 2 year I have hit Freedom Mortgage wall that they have build with my money it's time for me to "JUMP"

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