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I was contacted by them. They wanted to refinance at a lower rate because we were VIP customers.

I told them our credit was not that great and he said it didn't matter. We were VIP with them. They overnighted the papers, we sent them back. Right before Christmas I called to see how things were going and he said fine they were doing "TITLE something or another".

After the New Year I called back and learned they couldn't do it and now we were gonna be late on our January payment. I have asked to talk to his boss and I keep getting the run around!!!!!

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I was contacted by them. They wanted to refinance at a lower rate because we were VIP customers .We apply for a refinance .The closing should be in 4 weeks…that was 2 weeks back from today’s date 9/26/2012.

We called 4-5 times per day w/ NO answer at all….. We don’t know what to do at all…..

This is a scam???? Or What????


My agent is also one Robert Sudowski/NO?? Should I trust this guy??/


hi. i just recieved my Refi packet..

Was also told, No Problem! Done deal! What am I Up against? Should I sign the papers?

Told will skip Nov./11 pymt, & to strat @ lower % rate, Dec.11.

Help me, Please with this decision, as am recently widowed, & cannot afford to lose my home, but his promises sounded great!!! Thanks, Patty


Wish I had seen this site earlier and would have not wasted my time to call Robert Sadowsky of Freedom Mortgage.

Same experience, guess this is the company work culture.

Some customer service - don't waste your time in calling them


There are companies that will do your refinance with a one time 30 days late on your mortgage. i have been in the industry for 27 years.

Please call me at 732-539-9300 if I can offer assistance. Even if you are not in NJ I can still offer you the name of the mortgage company that does loans with the one times 30.

Bastrop, Louisiana, United States #239797

His name was Robert Sudowski. Not sure about the spelling.

I even tried to get a supervisor to call me and discuss the situation with me but I never received a call.

If I had the option to go with another company I would in a heart beat just because of the service I received. I did call an 800 customer service number and they were VERY helpful.


Hi Debraczu - What was your rep's name? I got a PREAPPROVED offer giving me a firm offer of credit. Thanks.

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