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Every year they take p ts apply them to escro and causing deliquent pmts Add comment

I am employee of freedom mtg. They are the worse company. They lie to customers loan processor don't return calls to borrowers cause they are told not too. They charge you for everything under the sun. So be aware of what you are getting yourself into when dealing with thieves Add comment

Freedom Mortgage bought my loan and as I read through the complaints many of them are echos of my experiences. From the payment address changing after the loan was sold, not able to handle electronic payments, website broken for months, late fees for payment amount changes of 20 per month, and the big one is escrow discrepencies. They have no idea what is going into and out of escrow. Out... Read more

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My 84 yr old mother was roped into a 5 yr adjustable mortgage with Freedom mortgage...she had no idea what she was as her power of attorney...they play pass the buck with me...I had to send in the POA papers...and still get no answers about how this happened...and now again they have have called her to refinance her loan...dont know how they sleep at my mother owes more... Read more

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Our mortgage was sold to Freedom, and it's been downhill since. The website is horrible, but the customer service is even more so. We decided to refi based on their requests for us to do so simply to get rid of the escrow. However, the refi dept let our credit run expire over 90 days although we submitted all docs which they later agreed. Stupidly, we bought in to their apology and have tried... Read more

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The website never works. It's highly frustrating Add comment

Have spent MULTIPLE HOURS on the phone with Freedom Mortgage, just to be able to pay them!!! I'm way ahead on payments, but they can't seem to get the payments set up properly. I try to make additional "principal only" payments, and put a note on it, but they STILL keep applying to my regular payment account. Their website has been down FOR A MONTH!!!!!!! How does this happen? What kind of a... Read more

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I received a late notice letter and was charged a fee by Freedom Mortgage. But when I checked my bank account I had issued a payment. I called and was told that they for the past month or so they've been unable to handle electronic payments, so probably my payment was rejected. How can a mortgage company not be able to handle electronic payments??? I said they must have received thousands of... Read more

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I've always been ahead on our mortgage, until lately they lost 2 of our payments! I've sent them proof from the bank by fax and email, it's been a month and a half and still they haven't applied the 2 payments! Add comment

I would also like to add the the being lied to from freedom mortgage. These people are liars and theives. We sent in all our documents in December 2015 and was called by them saying they needed the 450 dollar appraisal fee. We told them over the phone we didn't want to pay that till the loan was approved because we didn't want to waste our money. They assured my husband they would charge us last... Read more

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