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Horrible company. I can't wait to move my loan to another company. We have only been with them for 3 months after our refinance. Their information is inaccurate and we have to jump through the hoops just to make a payment. Their website is always down. I regret switching company's. Add comment

Freedom Mortgage bought our home loan from our original lender. I set up our payments through Billpay with our bank to prepare for the transition. 2 months later we were notified that we were missing a payment. Billpay showed that all payments were made on time. Freedom began issuing late fees. Their customer support agents were no help, each time we spoke it was like starting over, no call history was collected. We asked our bank to send us all the checks Freedom had collected. One of them had the wrong account number hand written on it. The... Read more

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Returned a call to Freedom - horrible customer service from rude representative. Have many mortgages with a multitude of financial institutions and have never experienced anything even close to Freedom. Never had to spend this much time with a lendee - they just can't get it right. Began servicing my loan a few months ago and have been on the phone with them at least once a month since to get auto pay etc. set up. Huge time suck and they just can't seem to figure out how to do business. Last rep was the worst. Would in no way recommend... Read more

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Wait times are generally 20-30 minutes. Excuses- computers are slow or down. Incorrect and inconsistent information is given apparently to cause the customer to make additional futile calls to get accurate information. I am a 30 year veteran and have a VA sponsored variable rate loan with these people that was transferred to them (purchased?) . This is not what veterans need. This business is not trustworthy. My reasons: 1. Repeated attempts to find what interest rate will be charged on renewal date. According to their own calculation... Read more

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In March 2015, at the inception of my loan, Freedom Mortgage hid Lender Placed Flood Insurance premiums ($2,138) into my escrow impounds without ever having asked me to provide my own coverage. In June 2015, they sent me a generic letter stating that I needed to provide flood insurance or they would attach the premium. Since that time I have been fighting their request because my local municipality states that I am not in a flood zone. Since that time and up until now, I was under the impression that I was fighting a pending attachment of... Read more

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After four and a half months of constant questions, clarifications, and questions surrounding my VA Refinance, I finally had to tell this moronic company to go F... themselves. This has by far been the worst experience ever and I have financed several properties. They are constantly moving your file to various people and not updating the new person..Consequently they ask for the same paperwork again...I first worked with Chris who seemed to be very nice, then I was transferred to Shanytel Williams, shes a ***...then after weeks of dealing with... Read more

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yep, identical story here in Indianapolis. I placed fraud alerts with experion when they started "losing payments" they were cashing and sure enough, our credit scores crashed. At this point, they have "found" 6 non-applied checks which had been placed on principal. Still, our credit scores have seriously crashed, and in return, I have requested fraud investigations of our accounts by experion & Equifax! We're keeping a detailed bank statement account of check cashing tactics & verbal reminders that they "do not have a "wire" with our bank... Read more

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I refinanced my loan with freedom mortgage and they did not put a stop on my bank account took April payment of $700 and I was to skip April payment. And now they are giving me lots of excuse why the money is so slow coming back to me. They deposit into escrow account which I have none. All I want is my money back. Please give my money back. I can not believe you can be that cruel the loan office I dealt with was very good her name is Shantel. I have always had good service on my payment until now. Read more

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I have a mortgage with freedom. I wrote them a check for 2229.00 to be put in my escrow and a second check to pay my monthly mortgage payment. They cashed my monthly mortgage payment and didn't apply it to anything and used the 2229.00 for payment and overage put into principle. I have been fighting with them since January to get my money put where it was designated to go. Now they say there is nothing that can be done to fix it!!!!! So *** company makes mistake and I have to *** the bullett? Bull *** time to call my lawyer I am done!!!!! Read more

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Yesterday I dealt with the most ignorant customer service reps EVER!!! Last month we were a day late, first time EVER!. I tried calling them the day after to pay the ridiculous 97.00 late fee, they had told me no problem I wasnt late, there is no FEE. Awesome I thought. Then when we went to go pay this month there was an outstanding fee of 97.00 that needed to be paid. We called and they said that it was a misunderstanding and that they thought I meant something about collections. Why if I was only one day late would I even think it would... Read more

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